Mission: Evolvis

February 2252 – Overpopulation, depletion of resources: the world is on the verge of chaos. To save Humanity, EVOLVIS corporation has built arch-vessels to colonize planet Utopia and is running program “a choice for all”, a sensory testing program to choose and save a few lucky settlers from a doomed Earth. In order to reduce the population, failures to the tests will be erased … Unless the resistance network exposes their lies and evildoing!

Cthulhu’s Lost Temple

Beginning of the 20th century. A meteor crash in the Pacific Ocean created a tropical archipelago from which forces of evil are summoned. Strange noises and terror emanate from there and all those who ventured in the jungle vanished. Unfortunately, Professor Thornton, head of the secret society for the fight against evil, has bad news: only little time remains before fanatical cultists awaken Cthulhu, the demon of destruction… He needs your help to thwart their plans. Are you ready to face the darkest of evils?

Coming in 2018 …

… A new original room and scenario by the mad brains of Immersia’s room designers!

Corporate – Privatize Space

Découvrez nos offres de Teambuildings et Séminaires. En journée, nous proposons la privatisation d’espaces de travail et pour vos soirées, salles de cocktail, le tout assortis de nos meilleures prestations traiteurs.

Contact et directions

We are located at  21 rue Frédérick Lemaître 75020 Paris Direct Transporation: – From Châtelet/Hôtel de ville/République, by subway line 11, station Jourdain (~15mn) – From Stalingrad, by subway line 7B, station Place des fêtes[…]

Escape Game – FAQ

What is a Live Escape Game? Live Escape Game is a fun and immersive adventure of about an hour in a dedicated room equipped with decors and mechanisms developed by us. You will experience a[…]